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Rashid H Hill

A Leader in Career Readiness Strategies

Today's job seeker must have proper

vision, for our next generation to

make the right decision.



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"Whether you're in high school, college or on the job, companies are looking to attract and maintain the best talent for the new normal."

Meet Rashid

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Coaching & Consulting


Keynote & Speaking


Mr. Hill offers the following workshops, presentations & coaching :  


  • Social and Emotional Intelligence (mindset, relationships, wellness)


  • Career Readiness Strategies (Workforce prep, trends, upskilling)


  • Leadership (generational, followership, leader-shift)

  • Personal Growth ("H.E.R.O." Seminar based on "8 Ways to be 10x Better")

His goal is to provide interactive, practical, & thought-provoking engagements helping audiences enjoy learning something new.

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Rashid Hill is the author of the international book and personal development guide "8 Ways to be 10x Better". He is a US Air Force veteran and served over 28 years in the federal service.  While frequently providing career readiness guidance for veterans transitioning to civilian careers, he shows a real passion for working with and helping bring out the best in people. While willing and able to relate to diverse audiences, Mr. Hill’s platform targets minimally represented schools, educators and their communities, college student associations (including first generation programs) as well as ROTC and veteran organizations. 

He is a champion of upskilling our youth and adults to be better educated and prepared in this accelerated digital age. Rashid is committed to deliver effective career strategies for your career day or other special occasions.   


Author of books & articles: 

  • Personal and professional development  

  • Career readiness

  • Emerging Technologies 

  • Business startup for veterans 

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Can we really solve the homeless crisis? Listen to the solution in his speech.

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