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8 Ways to be 10x Better

(Inquire about the workbook for the workshop)

Ever felt like you were on the verge of creating something amazing? This book will help you unlock your inner genius with a systematic approach to get the results you want.

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Mentor; Knowing the value of a coach

What if you could have an experienced "life" guide to give you qualified knowledge of what's probably going to happen before it does? In this ebook we explore the value of mentorship and coaching.

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Evolution of our Future; The 5th Digital Reaction

This whitepaper is the first in a series of research projects on the 4th Industrial Revolution and the effect of emerging technologies 

MY ARTICLES (former magazine offline)

Consistency is the main ingredient

Life will have ups and down but you will always succeed if you stay consistent.

3 Key Questions for Entrepreneurs

When your business is not growing as expected start asking the right questions, to get the right answers.

In order to get ahead sometimes you can expect "Unrealistic Outcomes"

We can't get a different result if we always do the same things.  In order to get phenomenal results we must expect unrealistic outcomes.

Leadership training must create "Leader-shifts"

Studies show that the most important person in an employee's career is their manager. Does your company provide the proper training?

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