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Rashid Hill delivers. He is a quality presenter that gets epic results. A student of Tony Robbins coaching program and a member of Eric Thomas Extreme Teachers community. Rashid Hill is a published author of the book "8 Ways to be 10x Better" and a contributing writer to the Life By Design Entrepreneur magazine in San Diego CA. Rashid holds a BA degree in Sociology and a minor in HR Administration from Saint Leo University. He is a certified Master Project Manager and an Air Force veteran that spends much of his time mentoring and coaching veterans on career readiness and business startup options as they transition from the military.

Rashid speaks to middle and high school students on empowerment and integrity as well as financial literacy. He’s spoken to college students, school staff and at various professional events on his HERO coaching model as part of his book’s theme; “8 Ways to be 10x Better.” His passion is speaking about life-long learning and upskilling our capabilities by promoting critical life skills like emotional fitness, creative thinking, learned optimism and self-efficacy in leadership. His programs have resulted in leadership upgrades in the workplace, increased chance of promotions, high producing teams and generational awareness enabling better professional interactions. His major message is “Don’t chase your dream, create your dream.”


In 2013 Rashid registered his coaching business, L3 Coaching & Consulting Solutions in Texas. After receiving his certification as a Strategic Intervention and Relationship coach, Rashid pursued special training in human needs psychology and emotional intelligence.  Over  the next few years he would include career readiness coaching to his coaching arsenal to better serve the many military veterans he had already been helping.  In 2016 Rashid was introduced to bitcoin and cryptocurrency from an investor side.  A good friend offered him an opportunity to invest early in an new idea and Rashid saw this as a good investment.  After some time he studied the the finance courses that the company offered and learned more and more about what future finance and banking would look like.  There were companies daily conducting "initial coin offerings" to raise funds for their venture and it intrigued him to find out what was the real value since the companies come and go but the advanced  technology was in the system that all these ventures where running on; blockchain or distributed ledger technology.  


Learning about blockchain and distributed ledger technology was the opening that led Rashid to learning more about the future emerging technologies. He studied use cases about artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality, big data, cloud computing, eventually 5G and internet of things or IoT.  He read "The War on Normal People" by Andrew Yang and after watching talks and lectures about the 4th Industrial Revolution he knew this was the right space to make lasting impact in the community and society. Eventually the right understanding and use of these technologies in the right hands will certainly change the world.


Rashid is a sort of  a self-proclaimed "futurist" and has a passion for learning about advanced tech or things that are "ahead of it's time - always asking the question, "what's next?"  Which brings me to his new venture as the CEO and Principal Executive. As of August 2020 he registered "Next Era Learning, LLC."  An edu-tech company/academy that was created in the pandemic to service people during and beyond the "next normal" (post pandemic).  He has developed the following courses to populate his online e-learning academy: Future of Work, education, skilling, learning and mobility. He is also taking it a step further to ensure all types have interest and access with EdApp micro-learning and micro-lessons app. This helps to deliver bite size pieces of relevant education to the people on the go while offering a more in depth online course for the high interest learner. He says, "we are in the midst of the greatest wealth transfer as well as an accelerated digital transfer and dealing with a health scare" is quite challenging."  People don't really understand how fast automation is being incorporated in everyday workplace tasks.  He explains, "Pandemic distancing has driven remote work for many and elevated freelance work as the primary choice for occupations.  In the future cities will compete for the most talented and most skilled no matter where they are in the world, since remote work is the norm." 


The future of work in the next normal will be driven by learning and development of re & upskilling and even outskilling.

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